Sebastijan se je postavil v kožo turističnega vodnika in v nekaj besedah predstavil lepote svoje domovine.



My country is very beautiful because we have wooded countryside.

I like to visit Bled and Koper because they are very beautiful. Slovenia has the Mediterranean Sea and Alps.

The population of Slovenia is two million.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia; it is a very beautiful old town. Tromostovje, a group of three bridges, and the river Ljubljanica add to the beauty.

Slovenia also features small towns like Celje and Maribor. I like Celje because I’m from the nearby village of Solčava. This village is in the Logarska Valley, which is a national park. Nearby are the Rinka Falls, which are the source of the Savinja River.

I like my country because it’s very beautiful and not polluted.

Sebastijan, class 9